What We Do

We leverage our experience, creativity & insight to deliver strategic growth.

Deep Upfront Insights

  • We start with your data and turn it on its head to unearth new information applicable to your base business and to innovation.

  • Next, we look at the consumer jobs your product should perform and define the real competition using our Opportunity Market FramingTM system.

  • If there are information voids, we can plan, execute and analyze qualitative or quantitative studies to get the answers the team needs.

  • We connect all the dots and use consumer research as a tool to help make decisions.

Landscapes, Structures & Sizing

  • Our proprietary Situational SegmentationTM methodology is a robust means of identifying core brand lovers and other desirable consumer target segments.

  • We can quantify how your brand fits in the marketplace, its share of occasions and category / segment drivers.

  • We then incorporate our CatalystTM framework as a powerful way to develop actionable, market-driven opportunities.

Core Business Analysis & Growth Strategies

  • First there is a deep dive into any and all available data to clarify the core business status.

  • We then frame the market to identify your brand’s true competitive set.

  • We identify the brand’s unique value proposition and determine marketplace relevance.

  • We then develop growth strategies that increase your value proposition and enhance enterprise worth.

Innovation Roadmaps, Pipelines & Concepts

  • We identify and size brand opportunities and work with your team to stage strategic development that focuses on consumer use and makes sense for your company.

  • We can then further develop opportunities using our Fast Forward PrototypingTM methodology, our custom Switching LogicTM positioning framework and other proprietary tools.

  • You get strategically sound consumer concepts that are ready for marketplace action.

Products & Execution

  • With our skills in graphic design, branding & naming and culinary development, we can seamlessly move from concept to product.

  • Our Rapid OptimizationTM system produces high potential products quickly and can save valuable client resources.

  • Our Value EngineeringTM methodology finds the right balance between end user desires and company objectives.